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Packetworks is a business internet provider in Milton. With a growing reputation for providing optimal internet connectivity in South Western Ontario, Packetworks can create custom internet solutions for your business or organization. Milton is a fast growing municipality on the corridor between Toronto and Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. The anticipated growth will fuel a greater need for fast, reliable internet connections.


In the list below we include some of the highlights of our service. The list includes internet options that your business can choose from to meet your specific requirements. 


Speed And Reliability

To address the growing use of online applications and cloud services, business owners are looking for faster, more reliable internet solutions than ever before. We provide blazingly fast internet connections that are reliable and secure. Your employees will be able to collaborate with their co-workers and clients, send files, video-conference, read emails,  and access online apps such as salesforce and google drive, all while using our connection.  


"Since Packetworks installed our fibre connection to the Internet, with a wireless backup,

we have seen an incredible improvement in speed and reliability."

Brent McLelland, GM.


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What Do You Need?

An important step in selecting a new internet service provider is to assess the current specific needs of your business and allow for scalability. Talk with our team of experts to determine what will work best for you. Depending on your specific business needs, our professional team can custom install one of the following types of internet service:


  • ADSL – up to 6Mbps - ideal for light internet usage
  • FTTN ADSL – up to 50Mbps - ideal for businesses with heavier email usage and video streaming
  • Bridged ADSL – up to 16Mbps - ideal for businesses where employees share the modem but not the ISP account
  • Internet Transit, Cable – up to 50Mbps - ideal for businesses with heavy internet usage, including cloud-based applications
  • Wireless – up to 700Mbps - where businesses require a wireless solution
  • Fibre Optics – up to 10Gbps+ - fastest internet available, capable of handling the heaviest usage requirements

Customer Service

We provide customer service that is there when you need it.  Our customer service, just like our internet connection, is fast and reliable.


When you contact us you are dealing with us directly.  We do not subcontract our customer service and there is no middle man.  This ensures that you are communicating with a knowledgeable and expertly trained staff member every time. Don't just take our word for it - read what our customers say about our service. 


Custom Networks

We deliver custom networks, tailored to your requirements. Our knowledgeable experts will walk with you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure that you get what you need. Whether your business is large or small we will do our utmost to provide a custom solution that you are happy with.


Contact Us Today

Phone: 519-579-4507; Toll Free: 1-866-723-7703



Optimal Connectivity

Durable networks that operate securely and at ultra fast speeds, our custom solutions are designed to give you optimal connectivity for the long term. Our goal is to get you connected to the internet and for you to stay connected. You will see your staff's productivity increase as they experience faster upload and download speeds when using cloud-based apps. VoIP calls will be uninterrupted and crystal clear while our redundant connectivity ensures that you have continuous high-speed internet access. Call us today for a consultation. 


The Internet Service Provider of Choice in Milton

Are you unsure how to find an internet provider that does what you need it to do? Packetworks provides business internet and networking services and technology that are second to none. By allowing our team of professionals to handle your networking project, you can  be confident in its success from start to finish.  If you are exploring your internet options, don't hesitate to connect with us.  Click here to contact us today.



What Our Customers Have To Say

I have found Packetworks to be innovative, responsive and helpful. We are always looking for ways to improve our business, and Packetworks works with us, helping to identify possible improvements and find ways to make them happen.

Jeanne Brown, Owner

Pike Lake Golf Centre



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