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Business Internet Provider In Kitchener-Waterloo

In this article we will examine some business internet providers in the Kitchener - Waterloo region. We will explore some of the options they provide including DSL, Cable, Fibre, T1 and Business Ethernet. In addition, we will also consider pricing, bandwidth and some benefits. If your are interested, lets talk.


Downtown Kitchener



Packetworks provides fast, reliable and secure access to the internet, allowing you to surf the web, exchange emails securely and access information from remote locations. 


Depending on your needs, Packetworks will consider these options when designing your specific data solution:

ADSL – up to 6Mbps, FTTN ADSL – up to 50Mbps, Bridged ADSL – up to 16Mbps

Internet Transit, Cable – up to 50Mbps, Wireless – up to 700Mbps, Fibre Optics – up to 10Gbps+


Packetworks also promises fast, personal and dependable customer service and will tailor a package to suit the specific requirements of your business.


"Packetworks’ fibre optic network gave us immediate ultra-fast Internet access that has given us services beyond our expectations."

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Internet Types

In this section we will look at some of the internet types and their business suitability.



DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is very popular, relatively inexpensive and appropriate if you are operating a small business. 



Cable is better suited to heavy office use  and provides higher upload and download speeds. 



A T1 Line is a dedicated digital line operating at lower speeds and also suitable for small businesses, especially those that require more control than offered by DSL and Cable.


Business Ethernet

Similar to a T1 line but offering higher bandwidths at lower costs. 



Fibre is much faster than DSL or Cable but is also more expensive. If you need to move large amounts of data rapidly between locations, it is the better option.


Why Choose Packetworks?


Packetworks provides business internet and networking services and technology. Allow the professionals to handle your networking project and be confident that your project will be handled quickly and efficiently.  If you are exploring your internet options then Click here to contact us today.



What Our Customers Have To Say

Packetworks, which provides wireless internet access for the Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board’s fourteen locations throughout Bruce and Grey Counties, deserves an A+ for service!

Fernando De Sousa, Supervisor, ITS

Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board



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