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Are You Looking For a Business Internet Provider in Woodstock?


Woodstock is a town of around 35,000 that sits at the head of the Thames River in Ontario. Toyota and its subsidiary, Hino, have plants in the city as do a number of other well-known businesses such as General Motors, Vuteq Canada, Tigercat Industries, RWF Bron, Firestone, Purina Brands, and others. 


We are proud to be able to provide fast, reliable, and secure internet to this city, amongst others in Southwestern Ontario. Businesses in the city can take advantage of our services to supply their employees with the tools they need.

Staff will be able to effectively carry out all their responsibilities, including exchanging emails, transferring files, surfing the internet, holding online conferences, networking, and more, even while working from remote locations. Let's talk if you are looking for this type of connection.


Types of Internet Service


Depending on your specific business needs, our professional team can custom install one of the following types of internet service:

  • ADSL – up to 6Mbps - ideal for light internet usage
  • FTTN ADSL – up to 50Mbps - ideal for businesses with heavier email usage and video streaming
  • Bridged ADSL – up to 16Mbps - ideal for businesses where employees share the modem but not the ISP account
  • Internet Transit, Cable – up to 50Mbps - ideal for businesses with heavy internet usage, including cloud-based applications
  • Wireless – up to 700Mbps - where businesses require a wireless solution
  • Fibre Optics – up to 10Gbps+ - fastest internet available, capable of handling the heaviest usage requirements

Fast and Reliable Internet for Woodstock!


Our networks operate securely and at high speeds. They are designed by experts and are built for reliability and the long-term. Our goal is to get your business connected and stay connected. It doesn't matter where your business is located - urban or rural, we can increase the speed of your system.  Faster uploads and downloads, with crystal clear, uninterrupted VoIP phone calls. will become the norm increasing your business opportunities and choices.  We will provide you with redundant connectivity, if you require it, ensuring continuous high-speed internet access at all times - even on those rare occasions when your connection is interrupted. To find out how you can experience optimal connectivity, call us.




"We have been pleased and impressed with both the very minimal amount of network downtime and the quick and helpful response to any reported issues. We highly recommend Packetworks to any other businesses who rely heavily on 24/7 WAN network availability and support."

- Robin Clayton, B.Sc, Supervisor, Information Technology
Bruce Grey Child & Family Services

Exceptional Customer Service


Packetworks has a growing reputation for exceptional customer service. We do not subcontract our help lines so you can be certain that you will be talking directly with a Packetworks expert every time you call. We are confident that you will find Packetworks customer service is second to none.  In addition, we believe that internet connection speed uptime matters - read why. We provide completely stable networks for businesses that ensure 99.9% uptime on all connections. Packetworks believes that any business that relies on the internet deserves nothing less. 


Custom Solutions


We ensure that our solutions fit your business - exactly to your requirements. Our  technicians have been expertly trained to ask the right questions in order to determine what your business or organization needs. Our networking architects then propose a custom networking solution that is tailor-made for your business and your staff. Whether you operate a small office or make networking decisions for a multinational corporation, our team stands ready to provide a solution for you.


Contact Us Today

Phone: 519-579-4507; Toll Free: 1-866-723-7703



Why Packetworks Makes Sense For Your Business


Packetworks' team of experts provides business internet and networking services and technology. They have the answers to your internet connection questions. You can be confident that you will experience a fast, reliable and secure internet connection with the customer service to back it up. Don't just take our word for it - read our customer testimonials. Allow our professionals to handle your networking project and rest assured that your project will be handled quickly and efficiently.  Click here to contact us today.


What Our Customers Have To Say

After spending several hours on the phone with our former provider’s ‘support’ and without an end in sight, we switched to Packetworks, and we haven’t looked back!

David Oatman, President

Kirwin and Oatman



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