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Business Phone Service  Kitchener-Waterloo


Fast, reliable business phone services are a must in today's technology driven economy. In the Kitchener-Waterloo region we proudly provide top notch service, and it is our mandate to ensure that you receive all the technological advantages that are available in your area. Below we will explore some of the tools that Packetworks can provide your business to enhance communications and efficiency, and improve your bottom line.


Downtown Kitchener

Downtown Kitchener


Packetworks provides fast, reliable and secure phone service allowing you to communicate effectively both internally and externally, with staff and customers alike. Our privately controlled backbone allows for a better call quality.


"Packetworks’ fibre optic network gave us immediate ultra-fast Internet access that has given us services beyond our expectations. We receive excellent value for the dollar and – most importantly – they deliver on their promises."


Sam Khanna, Controller

J.E. Bearing & Machine Ltd.


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A Selection of Services Provided


The Packetworks team can provide your business with all the features a contemporary office or business requires in order to stay competitive. Depending on your needs, Packetworks can provide, but is not limited to, the following: Voicemail; Call Waiting; Caller ID; Call Forwarding, Find Me/Follow me, and Speed Dialing.


Multi Line customers can also benefit from Call Display; Line Hunting; Voicemail is an option if not provided by the existing phone system. 


Voicemail - A computer based system that allows the subscribers to exchange personal messages, process transactions, and deliver voice information. Packetworks Voice Networks allow our customers to use VOIP to access voicemail anywhere there is a secure internet connection.


Call Waiting - Call waiting is a service that allows an active telephone user to be notified that another caller is waiting on the line. The user can then choose to put the first caller on hold until they are ready to return to the call.


Caller ID - This service alerts the user to the numer calling or even the name of the caller. Caller ID is available over VOIP networks  and allows subscribers to choose whether to accept an incoming call or let it go to voicemail.


Downtown Waterloo


Call Forwarding - This feature allows the user to forward the incoming call to a different destination. One of the chief benefits of call forwarding is to allow a receiver to make themselves more available to potential callers.


Find Me/ Follow Me -This a useful  feature that allows incoming phone calls to be received by more than one phone at the same time. When a certain virtual number is dialed the Find Me/Follow Me system routes the call through to a number of user-specified phone numbers that may receive the call. 


Speed Dialing - This function allows the subscriber to make a phone call by dialing a smaller set of numbers. The chief advantage lies in relieving the user from having to enter long strings of numbers, thus saving time. It is particularly useful for frequently called numbers.


Line Hunting - This is an excellent feature for businesses that are having trouble keeping up with a large quantity of calls. Incoming calls are always directed to an open line. In this way, customers and clients can always reach your business.



What Our Customers Have To Say

We have been pleased and impressed with both the very minimal amount of network downtime and the quick and helpful response to any reported issues. We highly recommend Packetworks to any other businesses who rely heavily on 24/7 WAN network availability and support.

Robin Clayton, B.Sc, Supervisor, Information Technology

Bruce Grey Child & Family Services



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