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Customer Service

As part of our mandate to make it simple for you to benefit from the advantages of technology, we provide fast, personal and dependable customer service.

When you hire Packetworks, you work with us directly. No middle man. No subcontracting. Our team does it all – from designing your network to configuring switches and answering your questions. We provide everything your network needs. 

Your calls for information or assistance are always answered by the same people – who provide you with fast, polite and dependable support.

When you need us, we will respond within one hour during business hours and within four hours outside of business hours.

With our personalized service, you have the comfort of dealing with a familiar and knowledgeable person each and every time you want to talk. While many companies’ support ends where their network begins, Packetworks offers our expertise and monitoring information to help you troubleshoot and fix problems with your internal systems. Our experts work with you to help diagnose the cause and find a solution.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

We have been pleased and impressed with both the very minimal amount of network downtime and the quick and helpful response to any reported issues. We highly recommend Packetworks to any other businesses who rely heavily on 24/7 WAN network availability and support.

Robin Clayton, B.Sc, Supervisor, Information Technology

Bruce Grey Child & Family Services



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