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Internet Protocol and Routing

Broadband networking involves more than just the infrastructure – the success of your solution depends upon the paths that information will take through the network. Packetworks specializes in making your data flow in the fastest, shortest and most simple route possible.

Our data, voice and storage solutions are powerful because of the intelligent routing protocols we incorporate into their design. We include protection and monitoring that provides the feedback you need to troubleshoot your internal systems as well.

Packetworks’ comprehensive IP and routing services include

  • Basic network monitoring
  • Fully managed Internet connectivity
  • Proactive issue resolution
  • Managed firewalls, including installation and configuration
  • Real-time and historical reporting on network usage and statistics, with graphs to give you a visual overview of your network and facilitate troubleshooting
  • Online access to manage your hardware

What Our Customers Have To Say

After spending several hours on the phone with our former provider’s ‘support’ and without an end in sight, we switched to Packetworks, and we haven’t looked back!

David Oatman, President

Kirwin and Oatman



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