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Data Networks

Fast, reliable and secure access to the Internet lets you surf the web, exchange information via email and access information from remote databases.

Whether you need a simple connection to the Internet, a secure VPN between buildings or remote sites, or a complex private managed network solution, Packetworks can help.

We’ll create the perfect data network for your needs – after considering your existing infrastructure, hardware, applications and access requirements, as well as the network technologies in your area and the many options available to us.

Carrier Agnostic

Our data networks combine our own optical fibre and wireless resources with the infrastructure of other large carriers:

  • Work with all platforms and carriers

  • Connect with all regional and national networks

  • Use the best network paths to optimize speed and reliability 

Depending on your needs, we will consider these options when designing your data solution:

ADSL – up to 6Mbps

FTTN ADSL – up to 50Mbps

Bridged ADSL – up to 16Mbps

Internet Transit

Cable – up to 50Mbps

Wireless – up to 700Mbps

Fibre Optics – up to 10Gbps+



Find out more about how our managed data networks can solve your Internet problems – and provide trouble-free connections.

What Our Customers Have To Say

After spending several hours on the phone with our former provider’s ‘support’ and without an end in sight, we switched to Packetworks, and we haven’t looked back!

David Oatman, President

Kirwin and Oatman



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