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Voice Networks

Packetworks’ managed voice networks route calls over IP networks, saving you money, increasing the options available to your users and reducing your IT department’s workload because it eliminates the need for separate voice and data networks. 

Even better – our private voice networks allow you to keep your existing phone hardware and phone numbers, and benefit from enhanced features and increased efficiency.

With all of our solutions, you get the features you expect from new technology – at the reduced prices associated with VoIP.

Better call quality

Our privately controlled IP backbone eliminates network hops and potential congestion points.

Low cost of entry

Use your existing infrastructure – and benefit from the cost savings and new features available through this technology.

Reduced infrastructure costs

Minimize your expenses – including costs for hardware and management time – by combining data and voice traffic over a single infrastructure.

Reduced long distance and international call fees

Save money by using IP networks to transfer phone calls – it’s much cheaper than using the traditional telephone networks.

Increased options and flexibility

Soft phones can use their VoIP phone numbers virtually anywhere that has Internet connection. They can access the same services, like voicemail access, security features, conference calling, etc.

Find out more about how our private, managed IP voice networks can benefit your organization.

Important: Click here to download information regarding 9-1-1 service for Packetworks voice services. 

Important: Click here to download information regarding Packetworks' Access Services Tariff for our voice services. 

Making Your Resources Work Better

Regardless of the state of your phone technology, Packetworks can provide the same high levels of service, with more features and for less money.

We can help make your resources work better – even if you’re still using legacy technology.

  • Need to keep your existing PRI line? We can incorporate it into our voice solutions, converting IP voice to traditional PRI. Our solutions support both full and partial (fractional) PRI lines so you can make the most of your legacy infrastructure and benefit from the flexibility of IP voice.

  • Need to keep your traditional telephone equipment? We can make that work for you too by providing a digital line to convert IP voice calls into traditional calls.

With all of our solutions, you get the features you expect from new technology – at the reduced prices associated with VoIP.


Here are some of the many services available via Packetworks’ voice networks:

Canadian, North American and global long distance packages

Save money on out-of-town and out-of-country calls.

Toll free numbers supporting Canadian and US callers

Encourage them to call you – and save money on those calls.

Fax-to-email service for electronic management of inbound faxes

Reduce paper waste, facilitate searching and filing, and simplify printing.

Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers

Allow easy-to-remember numbers to be assigned to existing internal numbers, so callers can more easily contact the people they need to reach.

A full suite of custom calling features, many of which are either not available or very expensive on the traditional phone system

Your people can do more, easily and cost-effectively, by using calling features that save time, stress and money.


What Our Customers Have To Say

Since Packetworks installed our fibre connection to the Internet, with a wireless backup, we have seen an incredible improvement in speed and reliability.

Brent McLelland, GM




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