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Business Phone Service - The Top Articles To Read Before Renewing Your Contract

Choosing a business phone service and signing the contract can be a daunting task. This article will help you to consider some of the key factors in successfully negotiating these hurdles by directing you to a series of useful posts from around the internet, along with some of our own practical advice. At Packetworks, we are ready to answer any questions regarding IP networking, SIP trunking and other aspects of enterprise phone services. You can also Contact us if you are exploring VoIP technology .


Key Points

The key points to understand include the following:

  • It is best to get a clear understanding of what you want and need from our phone service contract, writing down these details before looking at any contracts. 
  • Amount of bandwidth is critical
  • Determine and document  your present and future growth requirements  
  • Choosing a suitable phone system (traditional analog, digital, VoIP)
  • Understanding your contract
  • You should write out the process, timeline and what team members will be involved to ensure the decision is executed efficiently and one time

"In the past, our business suffered from unreliable Internet and email services. One time we went days without email, which is vital to our customer communication. After spending several hours on the phone with our former provider’s ‘support’ and without an end in sight, we switched to Packetworks, and we haven’t looked back!"


-David Oatman, President
Kirwin and Oatman

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Choosing The Phone Service That Is Right For You


While the previous articles focused on the entire selection process, the following two article provide some solid advice about choosing the type of phone service that best suits your needs.


"4 Secrets to Finding the Best Phone Service" from business.com is a useful article that helps you think through things like determining exactly what your business needs; considering the importance of quality service; the amount of bandwidth needed if you are going to use VoIP - see internet service ; and the importance of reading the fine print on the contract. 



Get a clear understanding of what you want and need from our phone service contract. Start by writing down exactly what you need and want before looking at company offers. Write down how much time each employee will be spending on the phone, who they will make most of their calls to, what features they will need to use and how much you are willing to pay. 


Although this is not an in-depth article, it does provoke thought about exactly what you need from your business phone service provider. The step by step process, if followed, will help bring direction to your quest.


Choosing a Business Phone System: 2016 Buyer's Guide  by Business News Daily is an excellent article that explores a number of topics relating to business phone service choice searches.  As well as discussing how to determine the specific needs of your business, the writer discusses the advantages and disadvantages of types of phone systems such as:

  • Virtual phone systems
  • Landlines
  • VoIP systems
  • Self-hosted VoIP systems
  • Cloud-based VoIP systems


The Top Tip from this article is to compare the differences between each of these types of systems before making a choice. Determine, for example, whether your business is best served by a simple landline technology or if you really need a system based on VoIP technology.  


 At the end of the article, there is also a helpful Business Phone System FAQ section that deals with a number of relevant questions a business owner might have.


If you have any questions about VoIP systems contact us now.


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The Contract


Entering a contract can be nerve-wracking and fraught with dangers. Many a business has suffered by being tied to a bad contract. These articles focus on the contract itself.


Business Contracts 101: What Canadian Businesses Need to Know by Canadaone is a very thorough article that walks the reader through 9 key points relating to Canadian business contracts.

These points include: 

  • What is a contract?
  • What are your obligations?
  • How are contracts governed in Canada?
  • Overview of Canada's court systems
  • Things you should include in every contract
  • When should you hire a lawyer to draft or review a contract?
  • What areas in a contract frequently give rise to dispute?
  • What should I do if a contract's terms change?
  • When can I terminate a contract?


The top tip is to grasp is that contracts should never be entered into lightly by small business owners. The writer points out that you can avoid this by following the 9 key points that are laid out. If you are planning to enter a contract soon, then this article is a must read. 


The Ontario.ca page, "Your Rights When Signing Or Cancelling A Contract" provides a series of helpful guidelines about entering and exiting contracts in Ontario, with a useful list of FAQ's when you scroll down to the bottom of the page.


While primarily aimed at the consumer, nevertheless the practical advice  about unfair practices is particularly helpful. The reader is also provided with government information that also provides useful contacts and links to other important pages.



This is not technically speaking an article. However, the government of Ontario provides a series of guidelines for those who are looking for information about contracts in the province of Ontario. 


How To Choose a Vendor


The following two articles helpfully provide steps in the selection process. While the suggested steps may be slightly different,  both emphasize the importance of having a clear plan to follow.


Providing you with some clear advice about choosing any type of vendor, this article entitled "Choosing A Vendor: Six Steps To Find The Best Supplier"  from www.businessknowhow.com provides useful information on which search methods are the best, and why.

They recommend the following steps in the process:

  • Document Your Organization's Needs
  • Identify The Potential Sources
  • Initial Vendor Discussions
  • Weed Out Vendors
  • Final Vendor Round
  • Make A Decision And Stick With It

Besides making a number of positive suggestions, the article points out some mistakes that people tend to make such as simply searching the internet or phone book.



The top tip from this article was the list of common mistakes that people made. By reading this section you will learn that choosing the best vendor is not a simple process but a series of steps that, if followed carefully, should result in success.


"How To Choose The Right Supplier For Your Business"  from Business Bee follows in a similar vein to the preceding article by listing a series of steps to take. 

They suggest that the business owner should:

  • Set Your Criteria
  • Define Your Process
  • Call For Bids
  • Evaluate The Bid Submissions
  • Monitor The Supplier Performance


When renewing your business phone service contract you should write our the process and timeline for how you will review your contract, hear proposals from new suppliers, analyze the proposals and make the decision. When you write down the process and timeline it can be very high level but should include what members of your team will be involved in what steps. 


The author believes that following this series of steps will help any business owner to make a wise choice when it comes to choosing a vendor. The most important point to take away is that a carefully thought out plan will make the choice, installation and evaluation processes more effective.


We recommend reading both of these articles before beginning your business phone service search process. Contact us at Packetworks if you have any questions about how we do business. 


A Couple Of Our Own Pages


If you are interested in our thoughts on the topic, take a look at the following two posts from our blog.


The first is "Business Phone Service - 7 Key Features Every Business Should Have" which helpfully points out some key features we believe are important in a business phone system. 


We also recommend reading  our  article "Business Internet Package - How To Pick The Best One" which is full of useful advice about choosing internet providers.


A Final Word


Finding a reputable business phone service provider, choosing the provider that is best for you, and entering into a contract are all important decisions. At Packetworks, we are aware that our customers often have many questions to ask, and we are committed to providing the answers they need. Packetworks is a business phone and internet service provider. We believe that our voice networks are second to none. Contact us and we will be delighted to explain your options. 

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