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Connectivity Brings Success

Success relies upon connections with people, information and systems. Within the building. Across the country. Around the world.

Packetworks connects you to the information and people that make business and life better. And we make it happen quickly – no matter how far you are from an urban centre.


Networks that Work in Challenging Locations

Packetworks specializes in connecting out-lying, rural and geographically dispersed areas that are not well served by the incumbents. And we use the same expertise to overcome equally challenging scenarios in urban areas.

No matter where you are, we understand the distinct networking challenges you face – and we can solve them.


Ultra-fast. Cost-effective. Secure. Scalable. Reliable. 

We design, build and manage ultra-high speed broadband networks to provide data, voice and multi-media services. Our cost-effective, secure and scalable networks operate reliably and quickly, supporting everything you do.

Talk with us about how Packetworks networks can connect your people with the resources they need.



Expertise Built on Experience

packetworks was one of the first leaders in connectivity innovation in the Waterloo Region. Our fundamental approach to data transmission drives the success of our system design. Our past informs our present, but we are constantly innovating.

Guaranteed Connectivity

No awkward pauses. No glitches in online usage. No breaks in connectivity. Using the latest, most up-to-date technology, our networks are guaranteed to have the fastest speeds and availability possible. Plus, our built-in network security features are trustworthy and secure.

One Well-Architected Solution

packetworks designs a multi-format connectivity plan that incorporates VoIP, video conferencing, redundancy, security and high speed internet. Our ability to utilize and access any combination of fibre, ADSL, SDSL, wireless, T1, T3, satellite and cable ensures redundant connectivity and high speed service anywhere, anytime.

Contact us today to find your customized connectivity solution.


Success Stories

<h1>Overcoming the Challenges of a Remote Location</h1><br><span>Located between Mount Forest and Harriston, Pike Lake Golf Centre is in a dead zone that is not well maintained by their previous service provider. Slow network connections complicated business.<BR><br>The 1,000-acre property  includes motel accommodations, a restaurant, a conference centre, more than 55 trailers and campsites, and a golf clubhouse. They needed reliable and secure high speed network connection among the buildings and to the internet to facilitate business operations, support sales and security infrastructure and enable customers to connect online.<BR><br>Packetworks designed and installed a secure private wireless WAN and, in each facility, a wireless LAN that securely connects to the WAN. With reliable high speed network connection, Pike Lake Golf Centre has implemented numerous networked programs that allow their users to access information in real time.</span> <br><a href="/Services-IP-and-Routing.htm" target="_top" style="border:none;text-decoration:underline;">Click here for more information.</a>

What Our Customers Have To Say

Since Packetworks installed our fibre connection to the Internet, with a wireless backup, we have seen an incredible improvement in speed and reliability.

Brent McLelland, GM




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Connectivity Without Barriers - Since 1999

Packetworks provides innovative custom networks of any size across diverse locations. We specialize in creating solutions for rural and multi-site locations that face unique connectivity challenges.

We design and build customized solutions that meet your needs. Instead of retrofitting to pre-existing infrastructure, we design and implement network architecture to meet your requirements, so you will have the service you need.

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