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Our combination of network expertise and state-of-the-art products will provide you with the latest business solutions. That means you can retrieve, store and download information faster, your phone calls will be clear and not get dropped, and you and your team can carry on, worry-free, in your important work.




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Custom doesn’t have to be expensive. We pride ourselves in being able to do more with less.  In fact, Packetworks customers will tell you they have saved a bundle on our bundles.




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and Remote

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Broadband access is either non-existent or a pain in many rural areas. We are able to provide ultra high speed, reliable service to some of the most remote locations in Southwestern Ontario. 




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One Call
Does It All

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As a business person, you know there’s nothing more frustrating than sitting on the phone waiting for tech support. Unlike many of our competitors, Packetworks’ locally-based, skilled Support Team is committed to providing fast, friendly service 24/7 – with the goal of providing a solution in one phone call.




Data At Your Fingertips


Having quick access to information requires not only the right equipment, but also the most efficient paths from the source to you. Packetworks specializes in lowering your latency time by making your data flow in the fastest, shortest and most simple route possible. 


With included protection and monitoring,  Packetworks gives you the feedback you need with real-time and historical reporting graphs. This way, you can get a snapshot of your network and troubleshoot any internal issues as well.







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Small Business

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Packetworks offers flexible and affordable network connectivity across Southern Ontario. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer your business.



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Medium Business - Enterprise Solutions

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Packetworks works closely with many public and private sector clients of all sizes. Our unique connectivity abilities allows us to offer specialized services and go the extra mile for your business.






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Fibre Optic

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Fibre optics offers the latest advancement in communication technology. Compared to wireless or copper networks, fibre optics allows for lightning-fast data transfer for all of your daily Internet requirements - today and in the future. 


If you’re a tenant in a building with other businesses, bring Packetworks in for a high-speed solution that allows everyone to reduce their costs.

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For some unique rural locations, wireless is the way to go. If you thought microwave connectivity is obsolete, think again. Wireless technology is more advanced than ever, and our expert technicians can bring real

high-speed internet to your business. 

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Making a seamless transition to Packetworks lines saves you time and money. Most of our clients have realized cost savings of at least 50 per cent.  Canada-US long distance and full features such as voicemail, call display, call forwarding, and more are often billed extra by the big guys. Packetworks realizes these features are essential for day-to-day users, so you can cut down on costs with our all-inclusive phone service. 


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Network Security

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As technology becomes more complex, your business becomes more vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and other external threats. Packetworks can evaluate your network, determine points of weakness, and make suggestions to best protect your business. Packetworks is partnered with Fortinet, a global leader in cybersecurity and its flagship FortiGate firewalls. With Packetworks as an experienced and certified FortiGate programmer and installer, you can be confident that your business data is protected. 

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Does your company have multiple locations where you require service? With Packetworks’ wide geographic reach and connectivity flexibility, we can serve all your locations on one network.

This will boost your communication speed and provide better access to your internal servers.

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Local Area

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Elevate your office experience by integrating Packetworks’ Managed Wi-Fi Solutions. Say goodbye to painful hours of troubleshooting and the need for excess internal IT staff. Benefit from our motivated Support Team and expert technicians both remotely
and on site. 


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"While our former service provider promised 6mbps, we generally had only 1mbsp – and despite our best efforts to get better service, we were powerless to effect an improvement.


Packetworks’ fibre optic network gave us immediate ultra-fast Internet access that has given us services beyond our expectations. We receive excellent value for the dollar and – most importantly – they deliver on their promises. In fact, Packetworks has gone above and beyond what I’d expect from an Internet services provider.


The customer service they provide is top notch – whenever we’ve needed help, they’ve been there for us. We’ve experienced only a couple of issues since we signed on with Packetworks – both were related to changes we made on our end. Packetworks’ tech support worked with us to identify the problems and help us fix them.


We have had all positive experiences with Packetworks, and we highly recommend them – and their innovative ideas and reliable customer service."


Sam Khanna, Controller, J.E. Bearing & Machine Ltd.

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